• Baraka

Green Hornet #1 Review - Who is Britt Reid?

Updated: Jan 18

• Scott Lobdell (Writer) • Anthony Marques (Pencils-Colors)

• Lee Weeks (Cover Artists) • Dynamite Comics (Publisher) • Get it Now From Comixology

I don't believe I've ever read a Green Hornet comic or watched an episode of the TV series. I know I've never seen the Seth Rogan movie that came out a few years back. I recognize the character of Green Hornet and Kato when I see them but that's the extent of my knowledge base.

This comic serves as an excellent introduction to the characters in and out of costume. The closest character I can compare the pair too would be the other obvious dynamic duo of Batman and Robin circa 66. The only real difference I see between the characters is that Britt Reid doesn't have the tragic backstory that defines Bruce Wayne's identity.

The comic begins with the Green Hornet and Kato apparently under attack from the military for as of yet undisclosed reasons. The book then flashes back 24 hours and pretty much runs down the history and motivations of both heroes. The comic isn't heavy-handed and doesn't spend a lot of time in origin territory but it's a nice primer if you're like me and don't have much history with the characters. About midway through the issue, the comic jumps back to the present situation and we get some tight action and a pretty awesome cliffhanger that comes out nowhere.

The art direction Anthony Marques provides is really cool. I loved the simple washed out panels and thought the green tinge added to the pages was a nice touch. The retro pencils are reminiscent of Daryn Cooke without coming off as a direct clone. It's a timeless style and adds to the overall aesthetic of the material.

I'd love to see all of these golden age superheroes in a shared universe. I can imagine a world where Green Hornet, Kato, Rocketeer, The Phantom, Tarzan, and The Shadow are operating in the same setting. I'm sure Dynamite could make it happen and toss Bettie Page into the mix for good measure.

Wishful thinking aside this was a great #1 issue. I'm not sure I could have asked for a better introduction to The Green Hornet. My only overall gripe with Dynamite is that series like Green Hornet tend to end after one arc, usually with lingering questions that will never be answered. We'll see how things go this time around but it's too early to tell.

Rating 9/10