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Hellions #1 Review - Krakoa gets it's suicide squad

Zeb Wells (Writer) •Stephen Segovia (Pencils)

David Curiel (Colors) • Marvel (Publisher)

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I thought I was done with Dawn of X but after a few solid recommendations I decided to check out Hellions #1. While the issue isn't strong enough to draw me back into the X-Line of comics it is a great first issue. If you're still reading those books at least it has one series that works...for now.

The comic opens with Havok and Nightcrawler in what appears to be a pretty basic mission. Things go horribly wrong for the heroes and Havok loses control of his powers. He causes massive property damage and nearly kills innocent bystanders.

This leads to a "Quiet Council" meeting to discuss the situation. It turns out there are several mutants on Krakoa that have been out of sorts. Mr. Sinister has the idea to collect these misfits into a group and sonofabitch, the Hellions are born.

The makeup of the team is pretty weird with Nanny and Orphan Maker being the oddest choices. I hadn't seen either character since the 80s but I always found them to be fun characters. Wildchild also makes an appearance. He's been around for decades but I have fond memories of the character from "Age of Apocalypse" and when he was a member of X-Factor. Havok is one of my favorite characters but the standout member of the team in this issue is Scalphunter.

Scalphunter now goes by John Graycrow. The character has also been around for decades and is most notable as one Sinisters original Marauders group. I don't believe any of the Marauders were fleshed out so Graycrow comes off as a blank slate. He's cool, gruff and gets the issues best moments.

I like the cast and the creative team does a great job establishing the tone of the series.. Some of the characters have regressed it seems. I'm pretty sure Havok mastered his powers a long time ago and I'm also fairly certain that Wildchild wasn't this feral the last time I'd seen him.

Aside from the nitpicks Hellions #1 is fun and is easily the most entertaining Dawn of X book I've read in a while. The series has a lot of potential going forward.

Rating: 9.5/10

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