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Hotell #1 Review - The Monsters are at the Pierrot Hotel



On the strength of Red Border, Archangel 8, and Resistance I added the entire line AWA of titles to my pull list. I recently dropped several books and had some slots open. The cover of the comic seems innocuous a distance but gets more bizarre the longer you look at it.

Aside from the AWA branding, I had no idea what to expect from the comic. It appears to be an anthology series with the Pierrot Hotel acting as a backdrop. This is a one and done story so I assume each issue will cover a different horrifying event occurring at the hotel. The closest descriptor I could give would be Silent Hill blended with Tales From the Dark Side.

This story follows Alice, a pregnant woman on the run from her abusive husband. She drives until exhaustion and stops at the Pierrot. She gets rest but begins having dreams of her unborn son. They begin comforting enough but there appears to be more to them than flights of fancy. She also finds that when she wakes up her breasts are bleeding.

She writes this off as scratching herself in her sleep but she also notes that she can't bring herself to leave the hotel even though staying at the location puts her and the baby in mortal danger. The conclusion of the comic caught me completely off guard and made me stop reading and say "What the Fuck!" At that point, I was sold on the concept and glad I added the series to my pull list.

The art is moody, atmospheric, and keeps the focus on the important details. The story is also efficiently told, unlike other horror titles I've reviewed lately. This is exceptional horror and storytelling. Alice is in a bad spot and the scenario gets progressively worst as the situation develops. I implore you to check out this comic. It's an amazing standalone issue that works better than pretty much any other title I've reviewed on this blog. AWA deserves your support, this is why we read comics.

Rating: GOD-TIER

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