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House of X #2 Review "Best Single Issue of 2019 Contender"

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Jonathan Hickman (Writer) • Pepe Larraz (Pencils)

Marte Gracia (Colorist) • Pepe Larraz & Marte Gracia (Cover Artists)

Marvel Comics (Publisher) • Get it Now from Greenbrain Comics

It took me a minute to get into it but once I figured out Hickman's angle I had to concede, House of X #2 may go down as the best single issue of 2019.

It will be nearly impossible to discuss the issue without spoilers. Moira MacTaggert Is a mutant and has been influencing the direction of the X-Men since its inception.

What's really interesting is that this massive retcon doesn't break any of the characters or lore. The reveal actually deepens the lore and adds to the X-Men's already expansive history. The change also gives an explanation to why our heroes are behaving so differently in this incarnation.

Moira's mutant power is reincarnation. If she dies she comes back with full knowledge of her previous existence. She also appears to be stuck in a perpetual time loop. The reincarnation part makes sense to me but the time loop aspect of her power seems a bit too convenient to the story.

There are so many cool moments in this issue that it's hard not to discuss them without really spoiling things. What I will say is that Hickman has turned Moira into a "Certified Badass" and the oh shit aspects of the script are perfectly illustrated by Pepe Larraz. He gets to draw a ton of epic panels reimagining key moment's in the X-Men timeline. The standouts for me are Moiras encounters with The 80s's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants A.K.A. The Freedom force. There is also an awesome segment featuring Apocalypse.

I started reading comics back when Mystique was the leader of the Brotherhood. It was nice seeing this version of the team again along with the Long dead Destiny. Who recognizes Moira's power because of her own ability to see the future.

The writing for this issue can't be understated. It's been a very long time since we've seen a creator put this much effort into the X-Men. This isn't the most in-depth review but I highly recommend this issue. It's sold out all over Detroit so you may have a hard time getting it. The comic is also going for 20+ dollars on eBay right now. If you can find the issue it's definitely worth your purchase.

Rating: GOD-TIER

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