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I Pledge Allegiance To The Mask #1 Review - Time for a Little Ultra-Violence

Christopher Cantwell (WRITER) • Patric Reynolds (ARTIST)

Lee Loughridge (COLORIST) • Darkhorse Comics (PUBLISHER)

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I never read the original Mask comics. I only know the character from the Jim Carrey Movie and I vaguely remember the animated series. This comic has nothing to do with the movie and appears to be a sequel to the original Darkhorse comics. I could do some research but nah, I'll look into the details after this post.

I've been told that "The Mask" comics were pretty brutal but DAMN, I didn't expect the book to be this dark. Some of the violence in the opening section of the book really caught me off guard.

I feel like entertainment from the era of the Trump presidency is gonna feel incredibly dated after he leaves office. There are so many movies, comics, TV series covering the same political narrative it's exhausting. This comic isn't all that bad, at least in this issue but we do get a variation of "Make America Great Again" mentioned in the opening credit's that just made me roll my eyes.

To the book's credit, it doesn't beat us over the head with "Orange Man Bad" but if you're sensitive to politics in your comics you may be turned off. If you're like me and are just curious about the character you may get more mileage out of the series.

The comic opens with the murder of two really shitty foster parents by someone wearing "The Mask". I'm a foster parent and this one hit me hard. I know stuff like this happens in real life and I had no sympathy for the victims in this book. The murders are particularly brutal as one of the parents has their heads caved in while the other is suffocated to the point of exploding with Chocolate Syrup.

The case makes the news and is brought to the attention of Mayor and Presidential candidate, Kathy Matthews who freaks out and escalates matters. She has a connection to the original Maskholder, Stanley Ipkiss. She's also involved with some other shady individuals that attempt to blackmail her due to her prior relationship with Ipkiss.

Little does she know but the mask holder has changed since the killings were reported and the new wielder also has political aspirations

The opening segment is the strongest section of the book. The foster parents are killed in the most WTF way possible and make putting the book down impossible. Unfortunately, the rest of the comic isn't as strong. There is a lot of political posturing but it really boils down to a bunch of unlikeable people plotting against each other.

Once "The Mask" cut's loose you're not gonna have sympathy for any of the people caught in his wake. This isn't what I'd call must-read material but it's not a bad start to the series. Considering what's on the shelves you could do a lot worse.

Rating 7.5/10

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