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Justice League #12 Review Drowned Earth Tie-in: A Hot mess of an issue

James Tynion IV (Writer) • Frazer Irving & Bruno Redondo (Pencils)

• Frazer Irving & Sunny Gho (Colors) • Lucio Parrillo (Variant Cover)

DC Comics (Publisher)

Justice League #12 is proof that the problems with the JL Drowned Earth tie-ins aren't Scott Snyder's fault. The problems fall almost entirely on the editorial group assigned to this title. This issue is loaded with locations and sub-plots. The large cast, constant shifts in location and plot point have led to a mess of an issue.

I don't want to blame the writers. James Tynion IV and Snyder do a decent job coordinating things but there is simply too much going on in a 22-page comic.

The Legion of Doom - Batman subplot is particularly jarring when contrast with the rest of the Drowned Earth plot. It has next to nothing to do with the main story and feels like more of a distraction than anything. It should have been put on hold or segregated to its own mini-series or one-shot. The JL tie-in issues would have read better that way.

The book splits time between Batman and the Legion of Doom; Superman, Mera and Flash; and Poseidon Aquaman and Wonder Woman. The heroes do battle with the space gods and actually gain some ground in this issue. The comic isn't actually bad but readers picking the comic up may be overwhelmed. The book doesn't stand up as a single issue.

The art for Justice League #12 is solid. The scenes in the Hall of Justice with Batman fighting off the Legion of Doom are drawn in a traditional style by Bruno Redondo and look great. The rest of the comic is drawn by Frazer Irving. These segments have a beautiful otherworldly quality. The two styles don't mesh well and I wish that one style was chosen over the other, preferably Irvings.

The mashed-up art styles reinforce my belief that the editors were out to lunch when this issue was put together. The comic Isn't the worst on the shelves by a longshot but the cramped nature of these Justice League tie-ins are definitely holding this event back from greatness.

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