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Justice League Dark #6 Review - Melodrama at its finest

James Tynion IV (Writer) • Daniel Sampere (Pencils)

Adriano Lucas (Colorist) • Clayton Crain (Variant Cover)

Nicola Scott & Romulo Fajardo Jr. (Cover Artists)

DC Comics (Publisher)

I don't remember why I dropped Justice League Dark from my pull list but clearly I shouldn't have. I don't even remember most of the previous book aside from Bobo (Detective Chimp) monologing and drinking.

This issue picks up with Detective Chimp captured and still morose over the death of his partner, The Nightmaster. He is eventually set free by Wonder Woman who convinces him to carry on and live up to the faith that Nightmaster had in him.

The comic checks in on the rest of the team. Swamp Thing and Constantine witness a huge battle between Swamp Thing and the Phantom Stranger. We also get to see Zatanna investigating how Bobo got them into the situation in the first place.

This is a solid chapter in an ongoing series. I really was down on Constantine in my review of Batman #63 but here he feels like a real character. I still think he's a bit overrated. The entire team dynamic works better than expected with the exception of Manbat. I still question what the hell he's doing here. I have a suspicion that he's probably someone on the creative team's favorite character.

The art is perfectly paced with the script. There are huge action beats and introspective moments, particularly between Bobo and Dynamic. The characters have chemistry and you buy their relationships as friends and teammates. There's a lot to love in this issue and it looks like I'm gonna have to track down issue #7. I'm sort of invested in the outcome of this story arc now.

Rating 8.5/10

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