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Justice League Dark #7 Review - Tales From The Darkside...

James Tynion IV (Writer) • Alvaro Martinez Bueno (Pencils-Cover)

Brad Anderson (Colorist - Cover) • DC Comics (Publisher)

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I'm a big fan of classic horror magazines like Eerie, Creepy, and Tales from the Crypt. Justice League Dark #7 is the first mainstream comic I've seen that takes the horror format from those comics and applies them to a mainstream book.

The comic is framed around Man-Bat who acts as the host of the comic. He's been my least favorite member of the team so far and hasn't had much to do to this point in the series. Langstrom (Man-bat) details several JLD casefiles involving their investigation into "The Other Kind". The stories are all creepy and end with a bit similar to the aforementioned horror magazines.

It's a lot of fun and one of the more imaginative comics I've read in a while. I reviewed JLD #6 and this issue doesn't appear to be a continuation of the previous storyline. Although I loved this comic it's a jarring transition between issues.

The atmosphere of the issue is also pretty awesome. The art direction is spot on for this sort of homage. There is a lot of variety in the stories being told Alvero and Brad knock it out of the park. There are ghost stories, body horror, horrific implications. Even classic characters like Frankenstein make an appearance.

You can probably guess that I loved this comic and the creative approach it takes. It also hit me with nostalgia pangs for more stories like this. With comics being a visual medium I always appreciate when a title thinks outside of the box. If we had more comics like Justice League Dark #7 this the industry would be a lot more interesting and healthier.


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