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Kick-Ass #10 Review - Clear Step in the Right Direction

Steve Niles (Author) • Marcelo Frusin (Pencils-Cover)

Sunny Gho (Colorist) • Mike Allred (Variant Cover)

Image (Publisher)

It's been a very long time since I reviewed issue #9 of Kickass. I remembered the cliffhanger of the last issue and Kick-Ass being stabbed through her hand but not much else. I haven't been too keen on this series but I'm not sure if it's just absence making the heart grow fonder but this issue wasn't that bad.

This comic picks up with Kick-Ass retreating from the scene of the attack, ditching her costume and resuming her civilian identity she gets treatment at the local hospital. From here she touches base with most of the supporting cast. They don't get much beyond surface-level attention but something about the comic is more endearing.

I found myself interested in them which is a feeling I don't recall having at all during this run. I was also interested in seeing what the villains were up to. The only problem I have with the book is the problem I've had with the series since it's inception. Patience's origin is garbage so it leads to scenes that simply don't make sense. She's pressed for cash yet she's technically a mob boss funneling millions of dollars. It's goofy, but thankfully only comes up once in the issue.

The sooner that this mob boss sub-plot is resolved the better. Trying to play both sides doesn't work for this character. The logic is that she's a Robin Hood type character but it doesn't work. She's a killer and pays killers to commit crimes. Trying to reconcile those two facets of her character isn't working and just makes the story not work when she can just leave. Complaints aside, the issue solid and keeps the focus on the supporting cast.

The book reads a bit too fast but nothing in the comic feels rushed or wasted. Kick-Ass #10 is a bottleneck issue. Action will undoubtedly pick in #11. I can't see anyone invested in the title being disappointed. I also can't see new readers being turned off. It's a decent enough issue and I'm not sure I could have asked for anything else at this point.

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Rating B-

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