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Kick-Ass #11 Review - The Little Series That Could

Steve Niles (Writer) • Marcelo Frusin (Pencils-Cover)

Sunny Gho (Colorist) • Image (Publisher)

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I hate constantly comparing "Kick-Ass" to DC Comics "The Silencer". It's mainly due to the timing of the series release as well as mutual co-creator John Romita Jr. The characters also share many of the same strengths and weaknesses.

They are both interesting characters with a ton of potential but unfortunately are bogged down by being planks of wood when they aren't in costume. Where Silencer 1ups Kick-Ass is that her backstory works because she's an assassin. Kick-Ass is bogged down by one of the most nonsensical backstories and moral codes I've ever read. I won't get into it here because we've been down that road before.

The creative team for "The Silencer" has been working out the kinks for that character and she's one of the most compelling new characters I've seen since I got back into comics. Kick-Ass is a tougher nut to crack but the series is getting better as time goes on.

This issue opens with a rematch between Kick-Ass and Wallace. In their last encounter, Wallace put Kick-Ass on her ass and had her on the run. This time around she gets the upper hand almost immediately and dismembers him, cutting off one of his hands. She promises to call him an ambulance if he gives her his boss which is also done, immediately.

At this point Patience (Kick-Ass) assembles her army and moves in on the big boss. It becomes really clear that she's moving into a trap and gets even worst as her men are massacred and she's forced to face Hector and a new enemy alone.

This arc is a dramatic improvement from where we were a few issues ago but my primary gripe is that everything comes too easy for Kick-Ass which deflates all of the tension during each encounter. Every issue has a cliffhanger that she escapes from within a couple of pages and it's hard not to see her as a Mary Sue.

The original Kick-Ass was humbled in nearly every encounter. I understand that the military background makes Patience a more capable character but this is borderline ridiculous. It almost feels like she's getting a pass because she's a woman.

I won't rag on the series too hard its decent and the cliffhanger makes me want to check out the next issue right away. I just wish the series was infused with more tension because the lack thereof hurts the character as much as the lame backstory.

Rating 8/10

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