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Kick-Ass #12 Review - Kick-Ass Vs The Juggernaut...Bish!!!

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Steve Niles (Writer) • Marcelo Frusin (Pencils-Cover)

Sunny Gho (Colorist) • Image (Publisher)

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This may be the fastest turnaround for a Kick-Ass review since I started the blog and covering the series. The quick follow-up was mainly due to the ending of the last issue was so good that I didn't want to wait around too long to see how the arc ended.

The issue picks right after the last issue's cliffhanger. Kick-ass's men have been killed and she's surrounded by Santos, Wallace, and Violencia who is now donning Juggernaut style armor. Queue up several pages of tense action in which the character finally has to put some real effort into figuring out how to beat an enemy.

The action and cliffhanger are great and I liked the fight choreography in the linework. The action is fluid and really the quick thinking of the character. Though there was literally no chance of Kickass being in any real danger the setpiece was still fun to see play out.

With the conclusion of this issue, It feels like we're finally out of the setup origin phase of the series. My primary concern with the ongoing direction of the book is that Kickass is clearly a Mob boss. We (the reader) are supposed to accept that Patience (Kick-Ass) is a good guy or Superhero but at the end of the day, she's a crime boss. The book doesn't portray any of her actions as particularly bad, or heinous. There is no accountability with this character. Her God-Tier plot armor also doesn't help the situation either.

Concerns aside, this has been the best issue of the series so far. It's the last comic that I had on my pull list before dropping the title. I may peek back in to see how the story developed in the next story arc. I do have the Kick-Ass vs. Hit-Girl series preordered so I'll be revisiting the character one way or another very soon.

Rating: 9/10