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KILLADELPHIA #1 Review - Vampires in Philly

Rodney Barnes (Writer) • Jason Shawn Alexander (Pencils)

Luis Nct (Colorist) • Jason Shawn Alexander & Luis NCT (Cover Artists)

Image Comics (Publisher) • Get it Now from Green Brain Comics

Killadelphia comes highly recommended by a couple of sources I highly respect in comics Twitter and Youtube. Unfortunately, I was drunk while reading the book and didn't get the comic at all. I reread the book today and it was so good I actually reconsidered alcoholism.

Killadelphia follows Jim Sangster, Jr., a man walking in the footsteps of his father, literally and figuratively. After his father dies under mysterious circumstances Jim finds his father's journal and discovers an entirely new mystery. The plot apparently involves John Adams and a sect of vampires operating in the shadows of Philidelphia.

The art direction and tone of the issue are deeply atmospheric which is a credit to Jason and Luis. Most of the linework and colors have a dreamlike quality and it calls into question if the events described are even real.

The writing is also top-notch. At the time of review, Killadelphia has been optioned as a streaming series, and it's pretty easy to see why. This particular story would translate well on Netflix or even as a feature-length film based on the first issue alone.

Further discussion would get into spoiler territory so I'll hold back. The issue is solid especially if you're a fan of horror or crime drama. Killadelphia is a must-read.

Rating 9.5

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