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Killmonger #5 (of 5) Review - The Possession and Loss of A Man's Soul

Updated: Feb 17

Bryan Edward Hill (Writer) • Juan Ferreyra (Pencils-Cover)

• Eduardo Ferreyra (Colorist) • Marvel (Publisher)

"I offered you a kingdom. You wanted to be a slave. Slaves do what they're told."


We're finally concluding this series of reviews of Bryan Hill and Juan Ferreyra's Killmonger series. The comic picks a year after the events of the last issue with Erik fully embracing his Killmonger persona.

Erik's depiction here is night and day from the first installment and it's wild considering that this is still just the beginning of his journey as a character. He's more competent and cunning here than he's been shown in the series and it pays off in a big way across multiple scenes laid out in this issue.

There are plenty of breathtaking moments laid out by Juan and Eduardo Ferreyra over the course of the series. This issue is no exception. It's hard to discuss this book without getting into spoilers but we do see a resolution to the plotline with Knight as well as confirmation of whether Erik makes it to Wakanda or not. I won't say what happens but if we get a sequel I would like to see a follow-up covering the immediate aftermath of this series with the same creative team. This is a truly tragic situation for the character and the outcome appears to be more of a case of fate than agency from the lead.

The series has been brilliant and if any character deserves the Disney+ treatment its Killmonger. A direct adaptation of the comic would be Ideal but it's hard to imagine the series being greenlit, and even if they did I doubt the show would be as raw as this title has been.

I love that Bryan has taken the nearly blank framework of Erik's origins from the comics and Marvel cinematic and filled it in. The material would work as canon in either universe. I also think that with a few tweaks here and there the comic could have worked as a wholly original IP. I mention that because I know that many in my circle do not read mainstream comics anymore.

Even if you aren't reading Marvel comics anymore or are unfamiliar with the character I think you'll enjoy this series. That's the highest compliment I can give to the series, it's been amazing and I'd love your thoughts on it.

Rating 9.5/10

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