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Leave On The Light #2 Review - Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Bradley Golden - George Aguilar (Author) • Stan Yak (Pencils)

• Shannon Smith (Colorist) • Helmut Racho(Covers) • Oscar Pinto (Variant)

Antarctic Press - Second Sight Studios (Publisher) • Recommend (Yes)

Leave the Light on #1 was a surprisingly good horror comic from Bradley Golden, George Agular, and Antarctic Press. If you're a fan of the 80's and 90's horror from New Line Cinema you're in for a treat.

Issue #2 is more of the same, very creepy scenes of horror and suspense. In this issue, we get an origin for Thomas Derek Lassey, our antagonist. We see his execution and get hints about how he has managed to return from the grave.

The reveal isn't too far off from what I was expecting. It's in line with some of my favorite Horror Movies. I did wish the reveal wasn't so on the nose, but it didn't ruin the reading experience. The execution is particularly chilling as it appears that Lassey lived a lot longer than he should have.

Both of our lead detective's are haunted by Lassey's spirit. This serves to make every page more intense than you'd generally expect from a comic. If you've ever been frightened by the boogie man you'll be familiar with the general atmosphere of "Leave The Light On".

The atmospheric script is wonderfully paired with Stan Yak's art direction. The comic is black and white and the character models are gritty and hardboiled. I'm a fan of the art for the majority of the book. A couple of pages have pretty barren backgrounds. Again, it doesn't throw off the overall enjoyment of the book, but the pages that aren't fully rendered do standout when contrast with the rest of the comic.

The lifeless backgrounds are bailed out by the atmosphere, intensity of the script and character designs. I would like every page to be fully rendered going forward.

Its fun to get a solid horror comic this close to Halloween. The comic is enjoyable and if you're a horror fan you can't go wrong here. I do believe that the series will read better when the eventual trade is released. No big gripes, can't wait for the next installment.

Rating B

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