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Leave on the Light #3 Advance Review - Hell Hath no Fury

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Bradley Golden - George Aguilar (Writers) • Adam Fields (Pencils)

Leticia Morgado Rodríguez (Colorist) • David Hutchinson (Cover)

• Helmut Racho (Variant Cover) • Antarctic Press - Second Sight Studios (Publisher)

• Recommend (Yes)

I was blessed with an advance review copy of Leave on the Light #3 from Second Sight Publishing and Antarctic Press.

The first couple of issues had been a nice throwback to classic 80s and 90s horror movies like "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Shocker.

This issue picks up from the cliffhanger of the last issue with the ghost of "The Butcher" Thomas Lassey making an appearance in the flesh and tormenting our leads. He brutally assaults Detective Sarah Mckinney in the opening sequence and sends her to the emergency room. He then moves on to attack Detective Marshall. Neither cop believes that the "The Butcher" has returned but they are forced to acknowledge the truth after the events of this issue. No one is safe, not even their families.

Bradley Golden clearly loves his horror. I mentioned Elm Street and Shocker earlier. I also caught riffs of Denzel Washington's 90's horror vehicle "Fallen as well as "Childs Play". If you're a fan of the slasher genre this series is a love letter to a seemingly bygone era of cinema. The villains are unrelenting and the horror never lets up even through the issue's climax.

"Leave on the Light" is like looking into a time capsule and seeing that all of your old favorites have been amalgamated and returned to the time where they were mostly evil and not pop culture anti-heroes.

The issue isn't perfect though. I honestly would have added an issue or two to the story. I often bitch about stories being paced for trades. This isn't one of them. Bradley feels like he's rushing to get to the next scene or chapter and in some spots, it's difficult to make out what's happening or why.

There are implications about the villain that goes well beyond a serial killer seeking revenge from beyond the grave. A lot of those implications don't feel like they were given the space they were needed to gel. I get it but I don't. Some of the violence also seems excessive. I understand that we're dealing with a remorseless killer but some of the directions that the issue takes were uncomfortable for me and not in a good way.

Overall the issue is a net positive, horror is my favorite genre and despite my reservations, the atmosphere is perfect. Bradley executes his vision and although things feel clunky at times he executes and puts together a complete story arc. Some of the choices weren't to my particular tastes but the book lives up to its title. I doubt the characters of "Leave on the Lights" will be able to turn them off ever again.

Rating 8/10

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