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Legend of the Log One-Shot Review - The Legend of the Northwoods Returns

Ski Suharski (Writer) Terry Baldwin - Ian Miller (Pencils)

Bob Berry (Cover - Pencils ) Alterna Comics (Publisher)

I reviewed Legend of the Log about a year ago after seeing the 60-page indie book advertised in an Alterna comic. I loved the initial offering and was excited to see that Log had officially found a home under the Alterna Comics banner. I immediately added the One-Shot to my pull list after seeing it advertised on the Comichub app.

The character is a joy to follow. The comic features vignettes delving into the life of the title characters. It's an anthology format similar to books published by Warren Magazine (Vampirella, Creeps, Heavy Metal). The stories are very short. Something cool happens involving Log, which usually provides some insight into the character, the world, or simply a brief action sequence before ending.

Log would be a perfect candidate for an ongoing series or at the very least a carved wooden statue. The premise is a bit goofy but there is something endearing about this character. Ski Suharski weaves a ton of mystery and intrigue throughout the story and I believe that readers will naturally want to know more about the world and its characters.

The art in the book comes from Terry Baldwin and Ian Miller. It's a simple yet effective style that works for the most part. The book generally looks great but there are a couple of panels where it's hard to make out what was happening on the page. I think it's just the lack of color rather than any slight to the artists.

Aside from a couple of dodgy panels its hard to levy any real criticism at the comic. This is a full-sized comic featuring an original character for $1.00. There is a ton of variety in the stories and can see kids and adults picking the book up and enjoying it.

Legends of Log is easily accessible and pure escapism which is what comics are supposed to be about.


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