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Major X #5 Review - It's Okay to Admit When a Series is Trash

Rob Liefeld (Writer) • Brent Peeples (Pencils)

Romulo Fajardo Jr. (Colorist) • Rob Liefeld & Romulo Fajardo Jr. (Cover Artists)

Marvel (Publisher) • Get it Now from Green Brain Comics

Marvel is often accused of flooding the shelves with series that have no real merit or reason to exist. Major X is one of those series. When I picked up Major X #1 It was sold on Rob Liefields return to Marvel and working on new characters. Five issues deep and we're looking at a hot mess. Is it the worst title on the shelves, possibly.

In this issue, we see Major X, M'Koy, and The X-ential travel to what I assume is the 616 universe. There is exposition and action but not much in the way of substance. It's an issue that makes you question your thoughts on the 90's comics. By the end of the book, we're given further revelations about the Majors parentage which left me with a resounding meh.

There is some decent art throughout the issue. Brent Peeples does his best to keep things interesting but when he's not drawing an action sequence the characters all feel stiff and static. This happens even when the characters are fighting. The linework feels like an artist posing action figures.

This is one of those series that should have been released as a graphic novel or potentially online only. It would probably read okay in one sitting instead of breaking it into meaningless installments. The plot is mediocre at best and straight nonsense at worst. It hurts because I wanted the title to succeed, but a win for Major X is a loss for the comic book industry. The book is much too shallow to recommend to anyone aside from hardcore Liefield supporters.

Would, Major X fit into the current Marvel Comics landscape, Hell No! It's almost like Rob Liefield is trolling his fanbase and Marvel. This issue was dogshit.

Rating 5/10

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