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Marauders #1 Review - The X-Men Become Pirates (No Really?)

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Gerry Duggan (Writer) • Matteo Lolli (Pencils)

Federico Blee (Colorist) • Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson (Cover Artists)

Marvel (Publisher) •Get it Now from Green Brain Comics

So with House of X, Powers of X, and X-Men #1 out of the way we get the first X-Book under the Dawn of X banner not written by Johnathan Hickman. I was gonna review X-Men #1 but I didn't care enough to throw 1000 words up about it so. I could have also reviewed Excaliber #1 but, fuck that book. On that note, I figured I'd start here.

I was nervous about reading the non-Hickman X-Men books. It's been hit and miss but Marauders #1 was pretty good. The biggest change for me was seeing Kitty Pride A.K.A. Kate as a badass. She's had some ninja training since the '80s but she's never really embraced the role as she does here. I like the dynamic that is quickly established here between Kate and Emma. They don't have the best relationship but its nowhere near as frosty as it was in the '80s or the Joss Whedon run in Astonishing X-Men.

The premise of the title is that although the nation of Krakoa has been granted sovereignty, some countries are still holding out. The Marauders are basically pirates. Their goals are to extract Mutants from hostile nations, obtain supplies for Krokoa, and establish a Black Market for those looking to trade with the new nation.

The team consists of Kate, Bishop, Storm, Iceman, and Pyro. Pyro was one of my favorite villains in the 80's so it was really cool to see him here, if not a bit random. It will be strange seeing him as a good guy but I guess not as weird as seeing Apocalypse in a suit.

Iceman is probably the most prominent character featured in the book besides Kate. I'll always love Bobby, but I'm not a fan of the GAY AF version of the character. He's still cool and has his moments but the writers go overboard with it. He feels like a caricature of a gay man rather than a real fleshed-out character.

I'm pretty sure Iceman used to date Kitty so when he makes jokes about meeting "Top Men" it seems odd. I get the joke but it feels awkward considering the character's history.

Iceman #2 by Sina Grace and Alessandro Vitti

The art is okay for the most part. I like most of the character designs with the exception of Bobby's Ice Form and Storm. I'm not sure what's wrong with Ororo's current design but it seems off. I hope they find another look for her and soon.

The action sequences are amazing. Kate gets the best moment as she literally walks through a group of soldiers and takes them down in brutal fashion. I wasn't expecting to see this version of Kitty Pride but I loved it. Of the Dawn of X titles, the only one I added to my pull was Marauders. I'm gonna read all of the first issues at least and I'll probably stick with X-Men as well. Marauders #1 has been a hight point and Excaliber was pretty low. It's probably best not to make blind purchases with these launches. The Dawn of X launch hasn't been the smooth landing I expected it to be.

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Rating 9/10

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