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Mega Man: Fully Charged #1 Review - Super Fighting Robots!

A.J. Marchisello & Marcus Rinehart (Writer) • Stefano Simeone (Pencils)

Igor Monti (Colorist)• Toni Infanti (Cover) • Boom Studios (Publisher)

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Mega Man is one of those characters that has been around forever. I've spent my entire life playing the games but I've never really gone that deep into the lore surrounding The Blue Bomber.

Mega Man #1 is one of the latest titles from the red hot publisher, Boom Studios. Boom also publishes Power Rangers, Something Is Killing the Children, Seven Secrets. Boom Studios is also the publisher of Keanu Reeves Brzrkr which raised over a million dollars on Kickstarter last month. The publisher has an awesome lineup of title that seemingly gets stronger as the year goes on.

Mega Man has never looked better than he does here. The art is manga-inspired and the colors pop on every page. I also believe that the story works on multiple levels. If you grew up playing Mega Man the comic doesn't seem to contradict anything. If you have no history with the franchise I think that the comic works as a surprisingly strong YA title.

The book opens with Dr. Light who is on a diplomatic mission to bridge the gaps with the Robot Masters and work out a peace agreement. Upon arriving at the meeting place Light is immediately held captive by Skull Man. Skull Man reveals that the Robot Masters have no intention of negotiating and that the entire meeting was a ploy to assassinate the Doctor.

Unfortunately for Skullman Dr. Light has Mega Man as back up. The Blue Bomber makes short work of Skullmen and his henchmen but not before Mega Man is imprinted with memories of events that may or may not be true. The events are described as "The Hard Age" or the previous war between Man and Machine. The memories show Mega Man as an active participant in the war. When pressed Dr. Light blows Mega Man off.

It appears that the crux of the series will be uncovering Mega Man's role in The Hard Age. The book is off to an excellent start and is one of the best launch titles for a series this year.

Rating 9/10