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Mercy #2 Review - A tale of two halves

Mirka Andolfo (Writer, Artist, Colorist) • Gianluca Papi (Color Assistant)

Image Comics (Publisher)

I'm a little dense and sometimes concepts don't come to me as fast as I think they do for other reviewers. I may be missing something of value in this comic. It's not bad but I guess my general impression is that it's underwhelming. I do expect the series to come into focus now that all of the principal players in this world are introduced. The second half of the issue picks up the pace considerably and layers on intrigue as we learn more about the nature of the monsters and the overall premise of the series.

While I ended up being engrossed as the issue went on Mercy #2 is another decompressed work that may read better in one sitting. This is a personal pet peeve of mine and I'm not sure why the comic book industry has decided to go this route if they intend to sell these stories in single issue installments.

The comic focuses on Lady Hellaine and her official arrival in the town of Woodsburgh. We don't get many revelations about why she chose this town specifically but the book does drop all pretenses regarding her nature. It's revealed she's some sort of Plant Creature | Alien | Monster | draped in the visage of a human being. If you're thinking Pennywise or the alien from John Carpenter's "The Thing", you'd be in the right ballpark. Mirka gives the reveal the attention it deserves and it's a truly WTF moment if there ever was one.

The rest of the comic is kind of bland. I'm not a fan of the socialite aspect of the series or the posturing. This may be intriguing to some readers but it drags on too long for me. I'm naturally an introvert so scenes like these lose me and I quickly zoned out while reading this section of the comic. I recently dropped Dynamites Game of Thrones series for similar reasons.

After a tense encounter, Hellaine and Rory, link up and form an unlikely connection. Their emerging relationship will probably be the driving force behind the rest of the series. We also learn that while the town is enamored by Hellaine there are forces at work against her as well.

The comic continues to look great and the story is intriguing. I wish that I was more excited about the series. Mercy isn't as urgent as Mirka's Unnatural or as fun as Un/Sacred but it's a horror story that should work. I have no doubt that the intensity will ramp up as the series develops but unfortunately we're not quite there yet.

Rating: 7.5/10

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