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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #39 Review - Bad Care Bears Fan-Fiction (Spoilers)

Marguerite Bennett (Writer) • Simone Di Meo (Pencils)

Whitney Cogar (Colorist) • Jamal Campbell (Cover Artist)

Boom Studios (Publisher)

Someone mentioned on my Facebook page that I write reviews just to shit on comics. The reality is that I just pick up a book, read it, and post a review. I don't have that kind of time. Plus comics are 3.99 and up. The hobby is too expensive to play those sorts of games. If a book is bad it's just bad. Apparently Marguerite Bennett is a divisive figure in comics. I never knew that. Power Rangers was on my pull list so I reviewed the books as I got to them. I'm sorry but it's not really that deep.

The problem with Beyond The Grid is that it's overwritten and really wants to be deeper than it actually is. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #39 is the culmination of the Solar Ranger story arc and the aftermath of the epic "Shattered Grid" story that preceded it. This review is going to be admittedly shallow, but before I get into any negativity I want to start on my one positive note.

Despite any criticisms, I throw at the series none of the gripes are the fault of the artist. His ranger designs are some of the best I've ever seen on the characters. Simone is uber-talented and I'm so happy to see his name assigned to big-name projects like TMNT/Power rangers, Venom, and The Champions over at Marvel. "Beyond the Grid" just turned out to be a dud. Not even stellar art could save it from Marguerite's poor writing.

On the story side of things, I have a hard time mustering any patience for the arc. I made it through the story but it was a slog with little to no excitement. The Rangers defeat the Praetor in the blandest way possible and go home.

The dialogue for the issue is super sappy making the issue feel more like Care Bears than Power Rangers. They even beat the villain with the "Care Bear Stare". The outcome of the battle seems meaningless. The dialogue even suggests that the Rangers may not even remember the events of the arc which makes the slog of the past several issues seem even more painful and pointless.

Hopefully, things get better from here, this was rough...

Rating 5/10

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