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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 Review - A Match Made in Heaven

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Ryan Parrott (Writer) • Simone Di Meo (Pencils)

Walter Baiamonte - Igor Monti (Colorist) • Various (Cover Artists)

Boom Studios - IDW Publishing (Publisher)

The last Power Rangers/TMNT crossover appeared in the mid-90s and was a catastrophe. It took over 20 years but we finally have a proper crossover between the two franchises.

The plot isn't fully laid out in this issue but the pace is fast without being decompressed. The gist of the issue resolves around Tommy disappearing from the team and joining the Foot Clan. The reason behind Tommy joining the ninja clan seems sincere but I'm holding out hope that he's here on an undercover operation. Time will tell as Tommy Oliver has always been the most mercurial member of the Power Rangers.

The books have a couple of things going for it. First of All, Simone di Meo has a really great take on the Turtles and joins Mateus Santolouco and Sophie Campbell as my favorite TMNT artists. The art style chosen for the series is simply amazing. The locations are varied and the colors provided by Walter Baimonte really make every page come to life whether it's a daytime battle between the Rangers in Angel Grove or a late-night encounter between the TMNT and the Foot Clan.

Simone has been a regular writer on the main Power Rangers series and does a great job integrating both franchises and making it appear as if they occupy the same universe.

Ryan Parrott also does a great job in the portrayal of the Turtles. They feel right and I enjoyed their interactions with each other and the Rangers. There is a great exchange between the Turtles in which they talk about what traits they would want if they were human. It's not a big deal, but it layers on a few traits onto our heroes that I had never considered. The banter also makes them feel like normal kids and further humanizes them. Leonardo wishing he had hair was particularly funny.

The Rangers are also represented well. The book starts with them taking out one of Rita Repulsas monsters fairly easily which scared me. I'm a big TMNT fan and on paper, they really shouldn't be equal in strength or durability to the Power Rangers.

My fear was that the Turtles would be upstaged in the series. This concern was a bit premature. The two groups have the obligatory crossover misunderstanding and fight. During the exchange, both sides are represented as equals. Surprisingly, Raph and Tommy are set up as potential rivals and both have some pretty impressive showings against each other as the issue progresses.

The teams have some really good interactions with each other, and at this time I feel like we may be in for something special. The art direction and script perfectly blend each franchise and I was beyond impressed by this mashup. There were so many ways in which this issue could have gone wrong and I appreciate all involved in making this series happen. MMPR/TMNT #1 is a Godsend and one of the best starts to a mini-series I've read in a long time.

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Rating A+

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