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Mister Miracle #12 Review - There Are No Exits? (Spoilers)

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Tom King (Writer) • Mitch Gerads (Pencils, Variant Cover)

Nick Derington (Cover Artist) • DC Comics (Publisher)

I read Mister Miracle #12 twice and still feel that I may be totally off base with my interpretation of the events that play out in this book. The comic doesn't really work as a solo issue but it is a fitting epilogue if you've followed the story so far.

In issue #1 Scott Free (Mister Miracle) committed suicide. The rest of the series has been taking place in a sort of purgatory. This makes sense as the events of the series have always been presented as a series of free-flowing dreamlike tasks rather than Mister Miracle taking on any real threats or being in any real danger.

At some point in the series, Scott decided that he would rather stay in Purgatory than to actually escape. He has found happiness that he was never actually able to achieve in life. He's married to Barda with a kid and another one on the way.

Scott has also taken down all of the obstacles he faced in life. (Granny Goodness, Orion, Darkseid). Although he recognizes that this situation isn't real he's content with this life because in it he has everything he ever wanted. He knows he has taken a cowardly way out of his situation but he also knows he can escape whenever he wants to.

Would you ever wake up from a dream if it felt real and you could shape the events within it?

This is my interpretation of the issue. I may be totally wrong...

This may be the hardest comic I've had to review on this site. As a single issue, I can't recommend it to anyone. This isn't because the issue/series is bad. The comic is open to interpretation and without any context, the story doesn't work and can be confusing.

Mitches art is a great as ever. Every panel is clear and engaging. There is a single panel of Scott Smiling in a shower that stuck with me long after I finished the book. You'll always know what Scott's emotional state is at any given time. I also think that the washed-out colors while Scott and Barda are on earth hint to the reality of the situation. The writing and art direction blend well and add to the dreamlike atmosphere of the series.

Tom King has made me fall in love with this character. Although the character's struggles are exponentially heightened, I still can relate to how he feels under the weight of expectation that everyone has placed on him. I don't blame him for skipping out. I also don't blame anyone else for calling Scott Free a selfish asshole.

For this issue, I'm giving two Ratings. I don't think it's fair to base the series on an epilogue that exists to wrap up the story. It also doesn't feel its right to say this issue is perfect when it would be a terrible issue to start the series with.

Issue Rating: 7.5/10

Series Rating: 9/10

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