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Naomi #4 Review - Shoulda Been a Graphic Novel (spoilers)

Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker (Author)

Jamal Campbell (Pencils - Cover) • DC Comics (Publisher)

• Recommend (If you wait for the trade I wouldn't blame you)

When people complain about decompression in comics they are talking about books like Naomi. We're four issues into the series and it feels like we're barely beyond the territory established in the first book.

It's a sad indictment because I genuinely like this character. Her backstory seems interesting but the pacing for this series is terrible. Pacing issues also lead me to the conclusion that Naomi should have been released as a graphic novel.

It's clear that Bendis and David have a story that they want to tell but when single issues are literally ending in the same spot that they start in something is wrong. This is editorial refusing to step in, although the writing is fine.

This issue deals with the circumstances that led to Naomi's arrival to earth. I'm a little less than a year behind on this title so the series has been spoiled for me. I'm still invested in the story which is a credit to the script and the excellent art from Jamal Campbell.

Everything Campbell touches looks grand in scale and scope. I just wish he had more to do than drawing endless scenes of exposition and flashbacks.

Naomi is one of the best new characters DC has produced since I got back into comics in 2016. She's also the poster child for whats wrong in comics in the current year. Decompressed and longwinded stories only appeal to trade watchers. I imagine sitting down and reading the series in one sitting would be great. What's not great is picking up a comics 9 months later and feeling like I didn't miss anything.

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Rating 7/10

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