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Naomi #5 Review - I was gonna write this issue off and then something amazing happened...

Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker (Writers)

Jamal Campbell (Pencils - Cover) • DC Comics (Publisher)

When I opened Naomi #5 I was totally turned off by the opening exchange between Naomi and her best friend, Anna. It was peak Bendis speak along with the repetition of dialogue and panels.

About several pages into the comic the tone shifts and by the end, we get one of the most heartfelt origin issues for a new character in modern comics. The second half of the issue is so strong that it's pretty hard to recommend readers not start here. If you've read #1 this would be a perfectly fine follow-up issue, which sucks because this is a 6 issue mini-series.

There is a ton of fluff in this series but the payoff is amazing which also highlights how bad editorial has become at DC Comics. We've recently learned that a third of the editors at DC have been let go. Reading Naomi kinda explains why a change was needed. It's a damn shame because all of this content could have been condensed.

Besides Naomi herself, the highlight of the issue is Jamal Campbell's pencil's which details the circumstances that brought her to earth. Dodgy opening aside the script is awesome and Jamal's art is GOD-TIER. Naomi's story isn't far removed from Superman but the take is modern and I think that new and old readers could connect to her if given the chance. I also appreciate that Naomi is a new character and not a reskin of Superman like we've seen in the past when Miles Morales was grafted from Peter Parker and given Melanin.

The only knock besides the really crap opening is the models used to convey the exchange between Naomi and Anna at the start of the issue. It's as if you can see where the Bendis influence on the issue ends and where David F. Walker's influence on the script begins. Bendis is a great Pitchman but his dialogue has fallen off of a cliff in recent years.

I can't give the issue a perfect score because of the initial complaints but I think that that the second half of the issue justifies the series existence. It will be interesting to see if Naomi catches on outside of being a token character for DC comics and Bendis. I've seen her in a few other places in the past year but nothing of note beyond this series which is a shame because the character has so much potential and is a modern-day Super Woman.


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