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Naomi #6 Review - A One-Shot Disguised as a Mini-Series

Updated: Feb 4

Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker (Writers)

Jamal Campbell (Pencils - Cover) • DC Comics (Publisher)

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I had high hopes for Naomi. She's a decent new character with a ton of potential going forward. Unfortunately, this series turned out to be a mediocre slog to get through. It's also unfortunate that many of the complaints cited in previous issues apply in this instance as well. Naomi's biggest problem is that the series is a One-Short or a 64-page graphic novel stretched into a 6-part mini-series. This may not be a problem for you but reading this series in a serialized format was painful for me.

Naomi #6 follows her as she encounters Zumado, an entity from her homeworld. They pass through a portal and we get to see her world in its current state which is pretty rough. Things go from bad to worse as it's revealed that Zumado is the person responsible for the devastation and also for the death of her parents. This would have been a spoiler but the reveal is pretty obvious.

The comic looks great which is a no-brainer, Jamal Campbell is one of the best artists working and the comic is often beautiful. The color palette on these African-American models are some of the best I've ever seen put to the page. I'm not thrilled by Naomi's costume design but that's more of a personal preference than a knock on the general art direction.

Now that the series is over I can recommend reading it in trade. However, any goodwill I have toward the character is tainted by the fact that DC comics could have edited this down by a lot.

Condensing Naomi would have been an easy task if DC editorial weren't either;

A. Sleeping at the wheel when pages were being submitted.


B. Trying to exploit their customer base of readers and local comic shops.

Comixology is now selling the Trade for about 9.99. I think this is a fair price all things considered. If you purchased the series monthly as I did you probably spent about $24 on this series which is a total rip-off when you factor in the story told and the lack of progression by the end of Naomi's first season.

Rating: 7.5/10