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New Mutants #2 Review - "A Little too Irreverent"

Jonathan Hickman (Writer) • Rod Reis (Pencils-Cover)

Marvel (Publisher)

I enjoyed the first issue of New Mutants. It was fun seeing the old school 80's team blended with the 90's Generation X crew. The book has a lighter tone than most of the other Dawn of X titles. The jokes landed for the most part and overall the issue was a net positive. Issue #2 is a step backward and feels a bit off. The story is focused around the characters attempting to find Cannonball. They find him in this issue and the question becomes why does this team stick together beyond just being friends and mutants? Why does this book exist?

The general plot picks up from the last issue. The heroes are immediately bailed out by Cannonball which clears that plot thread but they then get forced into an even bigger and dangerous situation.

Marvel takes it for granted that we'll stick with the title but the premise is flimsy and it feels irreverent. The arc also feels decompressed. I predict that the purpose of the series will not be firmly established until issues 5 or 6 and by then most of the excitement for the launch will have been lost.

The easiest book to compare New Mutants to would be Justice League Odyssey. That series features a splinter group on an adventure in deep space. JLO also has tenuous ties to the main Justice League group. New Mutants is worth a read for completionists but I expect more from an ongoing series premise than let's go get our homie and bring him home.

The art direction from Rod Reis is great. I'm not familiar with him as an artist but the style is unique and works well with the character models. There isn't much for the characters to do though beyond spout exposition and crack jokes so Rod doesn't get to show much range in this issue. The book comes together and barely works as a single issue. If this is the direction of the series I can't see fans hanging around for long, especially considering the 3.99 cover price and how detached New Mutants feels from the rest of the Dawn of X titles.

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Rating: 7.5/10

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