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New Mutants #3 Review - Starts With A Meh, Ends With A Sigh

Ed Brisson (Writer) • Flaviano (Pencils-Cover)

Marvel (Publisher) • Don't buy this shit

New Mutants #3 is essentially a different issue entirely from the previous two issues. The previous comics focused on what I would consider to be a team of classic characters from the original New Mutants and Generation X from the 90s. This issue follows newer characters that I'm not as familiar with.

The team consists of Armor, Glob, Sage, Boom-Boom, Maxime, and Manon. I only recognize a few of these characters. The characterization they are given is totally forgettable. Even longtime characters like Boom-Boom are bland as ever.

The team assembles to take on a seemingly arbitrary mission to act as missionaries and attempt to convince other mutants to join Krakoa. If you're thinking this is kind of redundant and overlaps with what we've seen in Marauders and the recently ended Fantastic Four/X-Men Crossover, I'd agree.

I didn't like this issue at all. The premise seems redundant and the comic has one of the most groan-inducing second halves I've seen in a long time.

The team begins looking for known mutants that are not on Krakoa. They discover that Beak and Angel aren't among the ranks. Upon investigation, it's discovered that the couple has not migrated due to Beak's father dealing with an incurable illness and likely on his deathbed. Armor sneaks some Krakoan flowers to Beaks family which cures the disease.

While this is happening Angel and Beak's children get cornered by some Mutant Supremacists and held at gunpoint. These guys also have power dampeners that prevent the heroes from accessing their powers.

The third act of the book seemed totally contrived to add action but came off as contrived. We really have Mutant Supremacist randomly showing up in Nebraska the same day that the New mutants arrive? The random group also has power dampeners, which make them a match for trained X-Men?

Get The Fuck Outta Here!

It was nice to see Beak and Angel again. Both characters had fallen down the memory hole. I just wish they showed up in a better story. I kept thinking why does this book exist at all. I state all the time that I'm late on reviews. I'm backlogged several issues of New Mutants. After reading this issue I dropped the title from my pull list.

Dawn of X has become a thoroughly bloated line of comics and the diminishing returns can be seen in the declining sales. There are better titles out there, don't waste your money. This series won't pay off for another year or two, if ever.

Rating 4.5/10

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