• Baraka

New Mutants #4 Review - I read it so you don't have to

Ed Brisson (Writer) • Marco Failla(Pencils) • Carlos Lopez (Colorist)

Marvel (Publisher) • Don't buy this shit

After my last review of New Mutants, I dropped all of the Dawn of X titles from my pull list. The problem I now have is that I'm hopelessly behind in my reviews so you will see more reviews here and there. At some point, I'll be caught up and there probably won't be any more Marvel titles being reviewed on my blog unless it's something retro or a title highly recommended by someone in my community.

This issue continues the bullshit with The New Mutants captured and trapped in Beak's mama's basement. It turns out that the bad guys discovered Angel and Beak after they were followed home from a local grocery store and doxed in the most obnoxious way possible.

The leader of the bad guys AKA "Bi-sexual Negan Personified" explains that "White men" polluted their country and then charged them an exuberant amount of money for a vaccine (Big Pharma Bad). The group kills the man behind the vaccine. The Mutants were targeted due to the Krakoan flowers generated on the island that can cure most diseases. The bad guys see the mutants as hoarding potential resources and decide to hold the New Mutants hostage in order to get access to the flowers.

This isn't really a bad villain plot. The story immediately falls apart because the villains are lame. They also have resources that don't seem possible in light of the circumstances. Finally, it is really strange that all of this is going down in Nebraska.

If this was Madripoor and was a Wolverine plot It would make sense. The fact that the entire premise of the issue is based around the doxing of Angel and Beak and the hope that X-Men would eventually show up is really convenient breaking any immersion in the narrative.

There is also the issue of resurrection and telepathy being a thing in this setting. Even if the New Mutants were captured there are a ton of mutants that they could have reached out to for an SOS. If the New mutants were killed we've been shown that any mutant death is documented and it would be a simple matter of sending another squad in and taking these guys down.

You put all of this stuff together and you have a scenario where I'm supposed to believe the heroes are in danger because Ed Brisson says so, nah bish. The team also comes off as pretty weak and I can't imagine anyone reading this series and being excited about the current direction.

It feels like a title that exists because Marvel wanted another Dawn of X title to pad the shelves and not because of a clear reason for it to exist. Neither team of New Mutants have a clear mission statement and seem to have arbitrary goals. The New Mutants in space want to convince Cannonball to come home. The New Mutants on earth are basically Jehovah's Witnesses trying to convince Mutant holdouts to come to Krakoa. Neither mission is all that interesting or should have been greenlit for the basis for a series.

Rating 4.5/10