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Ninja-K#10 Review - Ninja-K gets his Winter Soldier

Christos Gage (Writer) • Larry Stroman (Pencils)

Andrew Dalhouse (Colorist) • Giuseppe Cammuncoli & Brian Reber (Cover Artists)

Valiant (Publisher) • Get it now from Comixology

I happened upon the last few issues of Christos Gages run on Ninja-K and couldn't resist picking them up. He's one of my favorite writers but I mainly know him from this run. Which introduced me to the character and this world.

This issue seems to be a one and done story that tasks Ninja-K with taking down another agent that has gone rogue, Ninja-H. After a mission goes horribly wrong Ninja-H loses a significant portion of his body. It is replaced a la Robocop and thrown back into the field.

The problem with (H) is that he has a problem with the violence he inflicts and to maintain control it's revealed that the MI6 has implanted him with artificial intelligence that asserts control when he starts to waver. Eventually, Ninja-H awakes prior to being refreshed completely and escapes, killing several agents in the process. This gets Ninja-K involved.

Larry Stroman takes over on pencils with Andrew Dalhouse providing colors. I was a little disappointed that Juan Jose Ryp and Jordie Bellaire not being the creative team on the issue. Stroman's art isn't bad, just different. The story is dark and Dalhouse provides the atmosphere with his colorwork. This issue is basically a horror story so I get why the change was made. If could make one change I probably would have emphasized the body-horror elements even further.

Ninja-K #10 is another excellent issue. Ninja-H is a compelling antagonist and works as a nice foil to Colin (K). He also has an interesting design with the coolest feature being the shoulder cannon. H's backstory is also pretty tragic and reminds me a lot of The Winter Soldier. It's a similar setup but has enough differences that I never felt the character was a ripoff. Of all the series that I cover in this blog, Ninja-K is one of the most underrated. It doesn't deserve to be memory-holed.

Rating: 9/10

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