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Ninja-K #9 Review - All out Action Stuff

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Christos Gage (Writer) • Juan Jose Ryp (Pencils)

Jordie Bellaire (Colorist) • Carmen Carnero (Cover Artist)

Valiant (Publisher)

I've been really blessed to have a nice run of comics to review. I tend to lose motivation when books are middling or don't really sustain my interest. Ninja-K #9 is another solid issue in the Christo's Gage run from 2018. Gage's name doesn't come up enough when mentioning the greatest writers working today but he's definitely up there.

In addition to this series. He's worked on the Daredevil Netflix series as well as Spider-Man on PS4. It literally pains me that series like Ninja-K flew so far under the radar especially considering all the talent involved. I'd love to see Gage reboot a series like the New Warriors, Generation X, or even Batman. Not telling if any of these wishes will ever come true but he has a fan for life here.

This issue concludes the arc pitting Ninja-K and his team Vs the Coalition. The battle rages the entire issue and both sides get cool moments beautifully rendered by Juan Jose Ryp and Jordie Bellaire (Britannia). I complain a lot about comics that don't take advantage of their status as a visual medium. This leads to a lot of books that read okay but aren't really appealing to the eye. Juan doesn't have that problem. Every page of Ninja-K #9 is hard-hitting, dynamic, and works well with the fast-paced script.

Punk Mamba, LiveWire, Dr. Mirage are all cool characters and benefit from being put in the forefront of this arc. They all have had series released since this issue hit stands and I'm guessing that this story was the catalyst for their integration into the Valiant Universe. There is a lot of humor and banter between the characters without being overbearing or pretentious.

As far as the plot there isn't much to speak of. There is a lot of back and forth action between the heroes and villains. It's glorious, but if you're looking for something deep like House of X you won't find that here. That's not a knock on the issue. It's an entertaining read from beginning to end and has enough going for itself that you won't feel like you're being cheating in regards to the content.

There is a satisfying resolution to the story and I can't wait to get into what will probably be the last arc of the series.

It's very strange to me that all of the series that I followed in 2018 has been canceled. When this issue was released I had several Valiant books on my pull list now I have none. I can't put my finger on why, but nothing I've seen this year has interested me. I promised myself I'd finish this series and Jeff Lemire's Bloodshot Salvation because they were just that damn good.

I hope to get back into Valiant soon but it's hard to get excited about the current titles knowing that my favorite creators are no longer involved.

Rating 9/10

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