• Baraka

Old Haunts #1 Review - Sometimes They Come Back...

Ollie Masters & Rob Williams (Writers) • Laurence Campbell (Pencils-Cover)

Lee Loughridge (Colorist) • AWA Studios (Publisher)

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I feel like AWA books should be published with a banner that says the world's best comics line because all of these titles have been money.

I'm about 6 series deep into AWA's line of titles and each series has covered either horror or crime. The closest I've seen to traditional super-heroics has been "Resistance" and even that series has a different level of intensity than a regular Marvel or DC comic book. This title is more in line with what I expect from the publisher and I'm happy to see the consistency of tone across the publisher's body of work.

Old Haunts follows a trio of old-time gangsters (Alex, Primo, and Donny). Imagine if Trevor, Michael, and Franklin from Grand Theft Auto 5 make it to retirement age and you'll be in the right ballpark. The three men gather to make their final arrangements and get outta "The Business". These are not good men. They are not sympathetic and its made clear as the issue goes on that these guys have done a lot of dirt and made a lot of people disappear to get to their current status in life.

Things get really interesting when the guys begin being seemingly haunted by the ghosts of the past embodied stylistically in the skeletal form of a vulture. Strange things begin happening over the course of the issue and by the conclusion of this chapter, it becomes evident that this is just the beginning.

The characterization and atmosphere of the issue are right out of a Michael Mann movie. The art direction is great and goes a long way in setting the tone and giving the issue a cinematic quality. The colors are similar to what we've seen in Hotell and Archangel 8 and I'm starting to considering the general atmosphere of Old Haunts to be an AWA house style.

This is a great opening chapter for what appears to be a pretty interesting flip on the classic ghost story scenario.

Rating: 9.5/10