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On The Stump #1 Review - Making Comics Great Again

Chuck Brown (Writer) • Francesco Prenzy Chiappara (Pencils-Cover)

Sanford Greene (Variant) • Image Comics (Publisher)

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On the Stomp was one of the series I discovered on the ComicHUB app. I didn't know what the series was about but I saw the Sanford Greene variant and thought what the hell?

The title is honestly one of the best I've read in a while. I'm generally not a fan of politics in my books but in this instance, it adds to the flavor of the story and works. The comic also does something cool and unique with the political backdrop that I'd never seen before.

The basic plot rundown is that in this world senators are allowed to set policy through brutal no-holds-barred fights resembling Mixed Martial Arts/Wrestling matches. These matches are called "Stumps" and in winning matches Senators are able to get their laws or pet project funded.

The story starts during one of the brawls and is one of the most brutal fights I've seen depicted in a comic in a long time. Senator Jackhammer battle's Senator Sweet Smell Moore. After a vicious beating Jackhammer wakes up and scores a victory. This catches the attention of F.B.I. Agent Annabelle Lister who is investigating another Senator looking to deregulate killings in the ring.

While the two work out the terms of their arrangement they are attacked. The second half of the comic follows a developing conspiracy. There are some shocking scenes of violence and more than a few "Oh Shit" moments. Some of the brutality stuck with me days after reading the issue.

The comic is about politics but it's not really partisan and didn't distract from enjoying the book. The character designs are also great. The fighters most closely resemble Pro-Wrestlers I grew up with which further adds to the unique nature of the issue. Everything feels insane and over the top yet Chuck & Francesco pull it together to tell an interesting and engaging story.

In short, I loved this issue. You can order a physical copy from my local comic shop or you can download a copy from Comixology. The title gets my highest recommendation and will only get better as the setting is fleshed out.

Rating 10/10

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