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Power Rangers #35 Review - Never Try to Judge a Comic While Drunk

Marguerite Bennett (Writer) • French Carlomagno & Francesco Mortarino (Pencils)

Eleonora Bruni & Walter Baiamonte (Colorist) • Jamal Campbell (Cover Artist)

Boom Studios (Publisher)

I read this issue a few months back while heavily intoxicated and never got around to reviewing it. I remembered the basic framework for the story but I also recalled being bored AF by it.

I'm looking to get back on a regular review schedule for this series and decided to try to power through the "Beyond the Grid" story arc. There are a few decent elements in the story but the biggest hurdle for me is lack of familiarity with the Rangers featured in this run.

Reading the issue a second time it wasn't that bad. We're still in the middle of "Beyond the Grid: and still following a bunch of characters I don't know or really care about. The focus of the issue is Heckyl. He finds himself depowered and on his homeworld Sentai 6, a paradise planet. The planet is also protected by Zenowing, who acts as a mentor and also happens to be a Ranger.

Initially, Heckyl is totally enamored by the beauty of the world and its people. However, when he considers the potential threats he comes into conflict with Zenowing. He wants to prepare the citizens of the planet for war. Zenowing feels that militarizing the populace would cause the world to lose the qualities that make the world worth saving.

The situation escalates to the point in which Heckyl compromises his relationship Zenowing and puts the safety of the world at risk in attempting to secure it.

I initially thought the comic was bad because of the pacing as well as my growing frustration with this group of heroes. The comic isn't terrible. Its also not the most exciting issue. It's a solid story that serves to humanize one of our background heroes. I think readers will get more out of the issue depending on how invested they are in MMPR lore.

The art is the weakest aspect of the comic. Simone Di Meo is sorely missed. French Carlomagno and Francesco Mortarino attempt to ape Simone's style with mixed results. The odd pacing and boring art style add up to a pretty bland issue. I got more enjoyment out of the book when reading for the review but I still wasn't blown away by the content. The story is actually pretty generic.

I'm not sure who "Beyond The Grid" is for but it increasingly feels like it's not for me. I haven't dropped the title but it's hard to be excited for a storyline you're just not interested in.

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Rating 7/10

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