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Powers of X #4 Review - Sinister is Sassy

Jonathan Hickman (Author) • R.B. Silva (Pencils)

Marte Gracia (Colorist) • R.B. Silva & Marte Gracia (Cover Artists)

Marvel (Publisher) • Recommend (Yes)

After putting me through the emotional ringer with House of X #4, Powers of X #3 dials the action back and layers on the intrigue by drawing Mr. Sinister into the mix.

The issue covers a few key plot points that will definitely influence the events of the series and the X-Men Post House/Powers of X. The most talked-about segment of the book has been Mr. Sinister and his sassy personality sift.

Sinister is one of those characters that has been around since I was a kid. I remember him from events like "Inferno" and X-Men: The Animated Series. I don't remember this personality. He's always been flamboyant, but damn.

The angle here is that Xavier and Magneto have cut a deal with Sinister to shift his primary focus from cataloging all DNA to making the collection of Mutant DNA. Once agreed to Charles wipes Sinisters memory of the three ever meeting.

There is a lot to unpack here but aside from the reveal the most interesting aspect of the issue are the "Sinister Secrets". A list of riddles compiled by the mad scientist. I'm sure some or all of the clues will eventually come into play during the Hickman era. It's fun seeing him having fun with the reader.

My favorite part of the book picks up next as we see Xavier and Doug Ramsey lay the foundation of Kroata as the mutant base of operations. Xavier can communicate with the Mutant Island empathically but Doug can actually talk to it. This is amazing to me because it elevates Doug Ramsey from a throwaway character into an immensely important one.

The segments in the far future confused the hell out of me. My best understanding Is that some of the human/mutant DNA will somehow be digitized in the future. This may turn out to be the means in which the two species survive the events of the series.

Powers of X #4 gives a lot of the reader to consider. I read it twice and will probably read it a few more. My biggest concern is that there are only a few issues left and we'll be chasing breadcrumbs for years to come.

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Rating A-

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