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Red Sonja #1 Review - A Solid Reintroduction to the Character

Mark Russell (Author) • Mirko Colak (Pencils)

Dearbhla Kelly (Colorist) • Various (Cover Artists)

Dynamite (Publisher)

I'm a huge fan of Mark Russell and remember picking this up around the time that The Lone Ranger series, also from Dynamite ended. I'm not sure why it took me so long to review this comic.

I've never actually read or purchased a Red Sonja book, but I do recognize her as a Conan The Barbarian spinoff. This issue is a nice and simple introduction to the character. Enough insight into the character is provided over the course of the issue. The reader won't be lost at all. Sonja is a badass redhead warrior that seems to be just as capable as the men of this setting.

The comic is straight forward with Russell's trademark wit and irony matching well with the action. It's not the deepest of stories. The Emperor Dragan The Magnificent is prophesized to die if his kingdom stops expanding. To ensure that the prophecy does not come true hes constantly annexing city-states or declaring war with them. He decides to send a letter to the City of Hyrkania. Hyrkania has recently made Sonja its Queen and the threat goes about as well as you'd expect with the character.

The story and art are solid. Mirko Colak does a fine job of balancing the action with conversational scenes between characters. This is a must with a Mark Russell book because a lot of the nuance and humor found in his comics are conveyed via text and body language. The book reads kind of fast, but it is worth checking out if you're a fan of the character and setting or looking for something outside of the Superhero genre.

The opening scenes between Emperor Dragon and a local King were particularly impressive to me. It firmly establishes the villain, his depravity and what Red Sonja will be up against in this arc. Because of this book, I picked up issue #2 when I went to my Local comic shop last week, it was a lot of fun.

Rating B+

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