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Road of Bones #1 Review - 10 Years for a Loaf of Bread

Rich Douek (Author) • Alex Cormack (Art/Colors/Cover)

Bobby Curnow (Editor) • IDW Publishing (Publisher)

Road of bones #1 was a blind purchase from my Local Comic Shop. I saw the cover, flipped through it and added it to the list.

I'm a huge fan of horror and Road of Bones was a really interesting reading experience. It's set in Russia, 1953. Our lead character, Roman Morozov is a prisoner and cook in a hellish Siberian gulag. The locale is frigid and the prisoners here are severely beaten and abused.

After being arrested for stealing bread Roman is beaten and interrogated. He tells the guards that he wasn't stealing the bread for himself, but for a Domovik.

The comic and a quick google search indicated that a Domovik is the fairytale of a small creature that protects a household and the people within it.

The warden and the guards laugh and Roman is told that 10 more years will be added to his sentence for his crimes. Eventually, Roman links up with some other prisoners and escape into the frozen Tundra with little food or prospects of survival. The comic ends on a horrifying cliffhanger of the Domovik being real but not at all what was expected.

Road of Bones #1 is a horror title with some pretty disturbing scenes throughout. The script and linework contrast nicely and most of the tension comes from the atmosphere rather than outright scares.

The situation in the prison is bleak and I'm not sure how anyone could survive in this location for a few months, let alone 10 years. It's a sentence right out of Les Miserables and it's just as messed up here.

Aside from the last page, there aren't any supernatural elements to the story. The reader isn't given any definitive answers regarding what's going on with the Domovik or if it's even real. If you're into horror or suspense you'll be interested in figuring out this mystery. I'm pretty sure that this series will read better in trade but the issue isn't bad at all.

The real shame is that titles like Road of Bones fly so far under the radar. I've not seen anyone mention it at all including IDW. Comics are just dropped with little to no fanfare, or advertisements and readers are just supposed to find them, if the Local Comic Shop orders the book at all.

The industry needs to be better in regards to getting the word out about new titles. Road of Bones deserved better.







Rating B+

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