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Second Coming #2 Review - If Christ was this lame no one would follow him

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Mark Russell (Writer) • Richard Pace (Pencils)

Amanda Conner (Cover) • Andy Troy (Colorist) • Ahoy (Publisher)

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I know that depending on your stance on religion that the title of this blog post may be offensive. I don't mean to be controversial. The book just isn't doing it for me. I'm a huge Mark Russell fan but I think that this is his worst work since I discovered him in Snagglepuss.

Things may pick up. Expectations may be subverted but I'm honestly not expecting much. I'm bouncing back between Second coming from Ahoy and Crucified from Scout Comics. Crucified is infinitely more interesting and I suggest you check that series out.

I imagine that in certain circles Second Coming will be a huge hit but for me, the book comes off as cynical and too self-aware. The characters seem to be just going through the motions and subsequently, reading the comic is a slog.

Our Hero, Sunstar is chosen to be the mentor for Christ but he's deeply flawed and underneath the veneer of being a superhero he's the absolutely wrong person to be teaching Jesus anything.

I see this, and Jesus doesn't appear to be overly impressed by Sunstar either. So why does the all-seeing all-knowing god, not seeing the problems with this decision? It's explained away in the comic as god simply not being the type of person to sweat the details of his creations.

This information is tossed about casually to explain why the world has so many problems. It's a really obvious narrative choice and frankly, I think the simplicity here is beneath Mark's talent level. Second Coming seems like a bland attempt for Mark and Richard to work out their personal issues with Religion rather than because they wanted to tell a compelling story.

Story details are light. The main plot point of this issue is Sunstar harassing a guy that is supposedly stalking his girlfriend. Jesus and his girlfriend try to talk Sunstar out of acting and to let the authorities handle the situation. However, after a conversation with god Sunstar bullies a guy that turns out to be the wrong guy, compelling stuff...

The linework/colors of the book are solid but are just as blase as the script so the whole thing just feels bland and joyless. The opening page of Sunstar was the only moment in the entire comic that got a rise out of me. This was mainly because it was the only dynamic page of the issue. I want to like Second Coming but at this point, it appears divine intervention may be necessary.

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