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Second Coming #3 Review - Jesus Returned and No One Cared...

Mark Russell (Author) • Richard Pace (Pencils)

Amanda Conner (Cover) • Andy Troy (Colorist) • Ahoy (Publisher)

Three issues deep and it finally feels like Second Coming is going somewhere. Not sure why it took this long but we have lift off.

The plot with Sunstar just isn't grabbing me at all. In this issue, we spend time with him as he tries to find his missing grandmother in Littleton. This segment of the book was a bit boring and Sunstar honestly comes off as a crybaby. At one point he has a monologue in which I wished his girlfriend would cut him off and say STFU. At this point in the story, I feel like a street-level superhero with a passive ability may have served this story better. He'd still have superpowers but would be more grounded. Choosing a Superman type character doesn't seem to be adding anything. Yes, I know that issue #6 came out this week and I'm late with reviews. The situation may have changed so I'll reserve final judgment, no pun intended

I'm sure the Sunstar story is going somewhere but for me, he's getting in the way of the more interesting aspects of the series. Jesus is left alone midway through the issue. It's during this point that Christ is forced to come face to face with the realities of current year and his place in the world.

Things go as well as can be expected when you have a guy claiming to be Jesus Christ walking the streets and he ends up in jail. It's a cynical take on religion and the role of faith in 2019-2020 but in this instance, it pays off.

Christ being jailed got a visceral reaction out of me. I'm not religious but I was raised in the church and in trying to put myself in Jesus's shoe's this scenario would be a nightmare. The last time Christ was imprisoned he ended up being crucified.

During the Christ portion of the book, the art style and finishes look outstanding. It was also used in the first issue and it was just as effective. I'm not a big fan of the regular art style as it comes off a bit too cartoony but when we're left with Christ and the style shifts it's almost like the lens in which Christ sees the world.

God's motives are also called into question this issue and I imagine this is where most people well call blasphemy. I don't because it's pretty clear that the god we're supposed to be following is the one from the Old Testament and his motives always seemed contradictory and counter-intuitive.

My biggest complaint with the series is that some of the irreverent humor seems forced, and doesn't really add anything to the story. The layers added in this issue have piqued my interest and I'm tempted to just knuckle down and finish the series in the next few days. I'm glad I didn't give up on the book. The padded nature of the story could just be a symptom of decompressed storytelling. In any case, we're in a good spot and I'm interested in seeing where we go from here.

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Rating B+

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