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Second Coming #4 Review - The Comic Equivalent of a Cucumber Sandwich

Mark Russell (Writer) • Richard Pace (Pencils)

Amanda Conner (Cover) • Andy Troy (Colorist) • Ahoy (Publisher)

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When Second Coming was pulled from the release schedule by DC comics my assumption was that the story was potentially blasphemous or offensive. Second Coming isn't offensive nor does it even push the envelope it's just bland and uninteresting. If the Second Coming of Christ is this passive we'd be so lucky.

I gave Second Coming #3 high marks because the idea of Christ returning and being instantly jailed struck home thematically due to the parallels to the New Testament. The implication was that nothing had actually changed during Christ's time away. In this installment, we're back to meandering and irreverent humor with the weak link of the series, Sunstar.

This issue picks up with Christ in jail sharing the gospel with a fellow inmate. Meanwhile, Sunstar teams with a support group of failed Superheroes in an attempt to cover more ground and find Jesus.

The stuff with Christ has a lot of interesting musings but it never really gets much heavier than that. I recognize that we may be looking at a slow burn but the story feels padded and we're only in issue #4

It's books like this that make me want to stop reviewing comics. As a reviewer, you want to talk about comics and share your positive vibes and opinions with the world. Comics that feel inconsequential are like daggers to motivation. It's hard to determine a target audience to recommend the Second Coming to besides Mark Russell completionists. It's also hard to or find any redeeming qualities in the issue aside from a couple of chuckles here and there. This comic is essentially easy listening.

I honestly wish the comic was as controversial as the masses thought it would be. The running gag in the issue is that one of the heroes immediately suggests that Christ is in jail. She's immediately ignored but vindicated when it turns out to be true.

With Snagglepuss and Flintstones, Mark Russell showed that he could craft amazing stories while making very astute observations about our society. Second Coming feels neutered. I'm not sure if the story was altered or if this was the plan along but if it was I can totally understand why DC dropped the series.

Rating: 6/10

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