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Second Coming #5 Review - Godly

Mark Russell (Writer) • Richard Pace (Pencils)

Amanda Conner (Cover) • Andy Troy (Colorist) • Ahoy (Publisher)

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Second Coming is a series I probably would have dropped had I not been hopelessly behind in my pull list. I paid for the comic and while it hasn't been a great reading experience Second Coming has had some high points, including this issue.

This issue is great and honestly one of the best comics I've read this year. Most of the off-color jokes have been dialed back and we're left to focus on the principal characters and what makes them tick.

The ongoing plot of Sunstar's attempt to adopt or have a child is seemingly resolved in this issue. After being unable to adopt a child Sunstar travels too a third world country at the behest of a dictator who offers a solution to his problem. The idea is definitely bad and gets worse when the invite turns out to be a villain plot to kill the hero.

I think this is Sunstar's strongest issue to date and we even get to see him presented in a traditional Superman type situation and setting. The presentation of the Sunstar has been the weakest aspect of the series to date.

The story provides insight into God and Satans relationship and the motivations behind Satans actions in heaven and after being cast down to earth. His reasoning makes sense and would be quite convincing if you're willing to believe the lord of lies.

Jesus also seems to find his footing on earth. The implication is that God abandoned earth after the events of the old testament and left humanity to its own devices. Jesus takes it upon himself to teach Mankind how to live their lives in a world that exists without the guiding hand of a higher power.

God's motives are a lot easier to understand. He just wants to protect his son at all costs. The problem is that Man is created in the image of God. This version of the creator is deeply flawed which says a lot about the state of the world and why humanity can't seem to get it right.

If you're a Christian in the traditional sense this entire situation is a hot mess but if you're open-minded there is a lot of interesting material to stew on. The humor also worked a lot better for me in this issue than in previous installments.

Second Coming #5 is easily the best issue of the series. I'm honestly excited to see how the story plays out. I hate that it took so long to get here but the issue is so strong that I'd recommend it as a standalone purchase even if you haven't been following the series or had mixed feelings like I've had. This is what I expected when I subscribed to the series in the first place. Aside from the cover which doesn't really sell the concept or the series I'd consider this to be a perfect issue.

Review 10/10

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