• Baraka

SFSX #4 (SAFE SEX) Review - When Being a Submissive is your Superpower

Tina Horn (Writer) • Michael Dowling (Pencils-Colors)

Tula Lotay (Cover Artists) • Image Comics (Publisher)

SFSX is a weirdly awesome reading experience especially if you're a fan of film and a bit of a freak in your downtime. It's easily one of the most unique series I've read in a long time.

This issue splits it's time between Avory and her crew as they plan to rescue Jonesy (presumably brainwashed) and George who has been held captive by "The Party". The rest of the comic splits time between flashback's to Georges early days at "The Dirty Mind" and how he met Avory. We also see what goes into the Reformation process as Jone's attempts to break George from his deviant tendencies.

The reformation segment's are pretty brutal if you're squeamish to pain like I am. I imagine it may also be a turn on depending on your kinks. We learn that George is turned on by pain. This makes the physical torment he's subjected to while being tortured ineffective. George takes a severe beating and Jone's attempts to "Cure" him escalates as the issue goes on.

There is some nice character development for all of the principal characters. All of the banter feels natural and you get the impression that these characters have strong bonds with one another. The sex sells the series but the strength of the comic comes from the characters and their interpersonal relationships. SFSX is a fun comic and a nice diversion from the mainstream drivel on the shelves today.