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SFSX (Safe Sex) #2 Review - Sex Work, Revolution, and A Clockwork Orange

Tina Horn (Writer) • Michael Dowling (Pencils-Colors)

Tula Lotay (Cover Artists) • Image Comics (Publisher)

Tina Horn's Safe Sex #1 was a surprisingly awesome introduction to this world. Upon reading the first issue I added the series to my pull list and described the book as 1984 but with sex workers. SFSX #2 pushes the story forward a bit and by the end adds a layer of "A Clockwork Orange" into the mix.

Avory is roundly rejected by her former associates after pleading for help in saving her husband. After the rejection, she reaches out to a former client who offers to help after hearing her story.

The situation escalates further when the founder of the Dirty Mind establishment reappears publically apparently brainwashed and working with the authoritarian group known as "The Party".

It's not the deepest story. We've all seen riff's on this scenario before. What makes it stand out is the Sexual freedom of the lead characters. I've never read a story where Sex Workers are the lead characters and they aren't portrayed as victims or simple playthings. Avory is a compelling lead and even though the story may be headed in a potentially predictable direction I'm still interested in the outcome.

I hesitate to call the issue filler but we're still in the introductory portion of the series. The plot is moving along and by the end of the comic, I felt the characters were out of the setup phase. All of the pieces are in place and we can focus on the revolution.


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