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Sideways #12 Review - Spiderman Ripoff Yes, but better

Dan Didio (Writer) • Kenneth Rocafort - Shane Davis (Pencils)

Daniel Brown - HI-FI (Colors) • DC Comics (Publisher)

• Recommend (Highly)

Last Month Dan Didio was fired from DC comics. I'm not sure of the specifics or why the decision was made beyond speculation. I know that he had a lot of ideas that were hit and miss but with Sideways I think I have an idea of what Dan was going for.

Derek (Sideways) started up as a blatant Spider-Man ripoff. By issue #12 he's his own man with his own set of circumstances. If Peter Parker was created in 2020 I think he'd be more like Sideways than Spider-Man.

It's really sad that the "New Age of Heroes" line didn't work out because some of the characters like Sideways, Damage, The Silencer and The Curse of Brimstone really did the best they could. By the end of their runs, the characters had established themselves as more than simply Marvel clones.

The bulk of this issue centers around the aftermath of a disaster. Detective Hopkins finds Derek semi-conscious and they escape. From here Derek confirms his identity as Sideways and gives a rundown regarding the events that lead to the explosion.

It's during these scenes we get to see the character's potential. Derek is selfless, heroic, light-hearted and simply has a pretty awesome powerset. The rifting ability has a ton of untapped potential especially considering the interdimensional aspects hinted at.

The powers and personality traits take Derek a step beyond simply being discount Peter Parker. The action sequences in this book are appropriately epic and beautifully rendered by Kenneth and Shane.

The conclusion of the comic ends on a cliffhanger that is positive yet bittersweet. I was really down on this series initially but my respect for the character has grown exponentially. After reading this issue I was kind of sad that Sideways #13 will be my last review for this series.

Review 10/10

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