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Sideways #13 Review - Tying up loose ends...

Dan Didio (Writer) • Kenneth Rocafort (Pencils)

Daniel Brown (Colors) • DC Comics (Publisher)

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Sideways started out as a totally forgettable character in a totally forgettable series. By the end of the run, it turned into my favorite "New Age of Heroes" title based on the overall progression of the series lead, his villains, and the development of his supporting cast.

We learn the truth behind the murder of Derek's mother. Derek also meets his biological mother for the first time. Most of the other lingering plotlines are resolved and it's hard not to see the series resolution as a happy one if not premature. I'm pretty sure there are elements of the issue that were rewritten.

The comic introduces a stinger that I won't spoil but the way it's introduced and resolved doesn't quite match up with the opening and ending of the issue. The thread doesn't hurt the overall issue but when you really think about the series plot it's hard not to see elements of a hatchet job to shoe-horn in a plotline that would have needed an entire arc to bear fruit.

The few threads that are left open or are unresolved would be a great launchpad for stories down the line if the opportunity presents itself. The strength of the comic is that it functions as either a solid single issue or as an ending to the series. Dan Dadio and Kenneth Rockafort do a great job in putting a bow on the series even though I'm really down on the fact that Sideways may never show up in a DC series again due to the current state of the industry.

It's sad when you see a series with this much potential cut short. Sideways is probably one of the best Spider-Man clones we've had in recent memory. The character also fits a lot of the calls for diversity we see all over the place. He's Latino from a blended family and actually feels like Peter Parker if he was created in the social media age. I'd actually put Derek over Miles Morales due to the fact that he is a legit original character as opposed to a reskin of Peter Parker down to the costume.

I'll miss Sideways, he was a great character that deserved so much more.

Rating 9/10

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