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Snake Eyes: Dead Game #1 Review - The Return of An American Hero

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Rob Liefeld (Writer-Artist) •Federico Blee (Colorist)

IDW Publishing (Publisher)

I've been pretty hard on Rob Liefield in my Major X reviews yet here I am reviewing another series with his name attached, Snake Eyes: Dead Game. Even after calling Major X #5 trash I still immediately added the series to my pull list.

I haven't read a G.I. Joe comic in over a decade but even with the distance Dead Game feels like a classic Joe story. At the very least it feels like a slightly more mature version of the animated series.

The aforementioned story is simple enough. An ancient evil seemingly rises from the grave and Snake Eyes is the only one that can stop him. Other Joes cameo including Roadblock, Scarlett, and the original G.I. Joe, Joseph Colton. They all act only in a support capacity. Snake Eyes is quickly established as the lead and he's not sharing the spotlight with anybody.

This is some of Rob's best work in years. Snake Eyes looks beefy while retaining the sleek ninja vibe he's known for. Rob deserves a lot of credit for stepping it up but the additional inks from Adelso Corona should be noted as well. The colors are also top-notch. No matter how you feel about the story here Rob and Co put their best foot forward and I doubt this comic could have looked any better.

This comic is also pretty brutal. I've consumed a lot of G.I. Joe material over the years and I don't think I've ever really seen Snake Eye's cut loose as he does here. He's a badass, efficient and it's nice to see him mix bullets in with the swordplay. If you're a fan of Rob Liefield the artist I think you'll be happy here.

The only knock I have against the issue is that while this comic book does look and feel like G.I. Joe, the story feels superficial or an afterthought. I love 90's comics but some elements of the era can stay there. I'm all for action but If that's all a book has to offer they tend to lose me, I guess I'm getting old. Hopefully, Rob has some interesting thematic ideas to go along with the awesome set pieces.

I was struggling with rating this comic because the story is about as basic as you can get. However, seeing Rob so enthusiastic with his linework and seeing a traditional take on G.I. Joe pushed my score over the edge. This isn't a bad comic, it's decent. Fingers crossed that it can become great, time will tell.


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