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Something is Killing the Children #1 Review - One of the best Horror Launches in recent memory

James Tynion IV (Writer) • Werther Dell'Edera (Pencils)

Miquel Muerto (Colorist) • Werther Dell'Edera (Cover Artists)

Boom Studios (Publisher)

I noticed that I've shifted almost entirely to reviewing indie comics. I still review a few Batman books and the Dawn of X, X-Men titles but the shift has been drastic considering where we started from. A big reason for the push toward indies is that titles like James Tynion IV's "Something is killing the children".

While there are a number of comics, television shows, and films that cover similar subject matter this comic is so atmospheric and fun that it makes you forget how derivative some of the subject matter is. That's not a knock against the book. Stranger Things takes a similar route by pulling the coolest elements of 80's horror and sci-fi and spinning into a franchise for 30+-year-olds and teens.

I know James Tynion IV for his work all over DC comics. He's currently writing Batman and spearheading the Joker War event going on right now. He's also been attached to many of my favorite titles since I started reading DC comics with DC Rebirth.

This is the first indie comic I've seen Tynion attached to and it's off to a really solid start. I didn't know what to expect from the obvious possibility that kids would be murdered by the end of the issue. Something is Killing the Children #1 exceeded all expectations.

James is an odd kid that has a hard time fitting in but makes connections when he discovers that the other kids like when he tells stories about his nightmares. Things get really weird and horrifying when his dreams seemingly come to life and murder several of his friends.

Tynion nails the dialogue and I appreciated that the kids felt like real kids and not some 40-year-olds twitter speak. The lead kid reminded me of my daughter. He is around the same age and similar demeanor. The awkward nature of the character became endearing by the end of the comic.

The hero, Erica Slaughter solicited on the cover is in the book but also doesn't get much to do. Her role is largely regulated to the background. We don't learn much about her or her purpose but it's pretty clear she's gonna be a badass character. At one point we see her after a monster hunt and it becomes obvious that Whatever is killing the children is lightwork to her.

The art direction is solid and I love the design of hero Erica. When she's on a mission she looks awesome with her mask and blades. The issue keeps whatever is killing the kids in the background. There isn't much action until the end and seeing what actually happened to the kids is a real shocker. Due to the juxtaposition of action and the mundane, I get the impression that we're just in the setup phase of the story and shit will get more intense as the series goes on.

Something is Killing the children starts with a bang and feels like the start to an awesome story arc. Yes, I'm late but it's a series that I plan on getting caught up on really soon.

Rating 9/10

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