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Space Bandits #2 Review - Tango and Cash in Space

Updated: May 20, 2020

Mark Millar (Writer) • Matteo Scalera (Pencils-Cover)

• Marcelo Maiolo (Colorist) • Image Comics (Publisher)

Space Bandits feels more like a television adaption than a modern comic. I mean that in a good way. The story would work in either medium but I think would easily translate to the big or small screen if given the chance. Thena and Cody are characters you'd love to have a beer with even though they are both noted as being extremely dangerous.

This issue dials back the 80's motif and focuses on fleshing out our two leads and the dynamic they will have with one another. Cody is the brain and Thena is the brawn. The relationship is set here and it works beautifully. It's also great to see that the women don't instantly gel and become besties. This is common in most modern comics when two women are paired together. My favorite scene from the book involves Thena ignoring Cody's plan to escape. She ends up getting her ass beat and only then comes around to the plan. The scene is played for laughs but it establishes that the two characters are distinct and that their motivations aren't necessarily the same even though they are working together. It also reinforces the first issue in that neither character is a Mary Sue. Thena is capable but she gets wrecked terribly in this issue, failure has consequences in Space Bandits.

Matteo Scalera's art continues to impress. The visuals are dynamic and energetic especially the action sequences. The colors pop and everything is detailed. The more you see the more there is to look at. Space Bandits is a nice companion piece to Chrononaut's, a title I reviewed last week in that it focuses on a small cast but establishes a huge sandbox for our lead characters to play in.

With the initial setup out of the way, the story can focus on these two ladies getting revenge on those that wronged them. I expect Mark & Matteo Scalera to really cut loose. I have no complaints Space Bandits #2 was an absolute joy

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Rating 10/10


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