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Space Bandits #3 Review - Master Class is in Session

Mark Millar (Author) • Matteo Scalera (Pencils - Cover)

Marcelo Maiolo (Colorist) • Image Comics (Publisher)

I finished Mirka Andolfa's Unnatural a couple of months ago and was kinda lost about it. Thankfully Space Bandit's has come across to fill that void as the most entertaining indie comic I'm currently reading. Three issues deep and it's already the most visually creative title I've seen in ages. It's not the most original concept but what the series lacks in originality it makes up for by just being fun.

This issue finds our heroines continuing their quest for revenge across the galaxy. In this chapter, the comic is split between targets on a planet containing a literal fountain of youth and another on a registered sex vessel.

Both halves of the book present a master class in pacing. The opening setpiece is akin to eating visual candy. The second half of the comic is more subdued with the action but makes up for it with humor and imagination. Reading this portion of the books resulted in some laughs, pearl-clutching and open mouth gasps. This is the first comic I've ever seen that featured an alien with three assholes. I feel like Mark just told Matteo to just think of the with the craziest shit he could come up with and put it in the book.

The linework is great but the MVP of the issue is Marcelo Maiolo whose color choices make all of these outlandish situations stand out even more. The 80's motif which was dialed back in #2 is back and where I was lost in the first issue I was totally on board in this one. The visuals of Space Bandits make it standout tonally against anything else on the shelves right now.

If you haven't picked up Space Bandits you're missing out. The art is amazing the characters are great and you never know what you're gonna get on the next page aside from excellent art and storytelling. What more can you ask for?

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Rating A+

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