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Space Bandits #5 (of 5) - Review - The Future's so Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

Mark Millar (Writer) • Matteo Scalera (Pencils - Cover)

Marcelo Maiolo (Colorist) • Image Comics (Publisher)

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Mark Millar has been on an absolute tear. It's hard to believe that Space Bandits, Chrononauts, American Jesus: The New Messiah, and Prodigy come from the same creator. Each series is wildly different from each other and each has been amazing. This bodes well as the series transition from print to streaming.

Space Bandits is particularly impressive in that it gave us a pair of really interesting female leads without falling into the "woke" trap of introducing "Strong" female protagonists that don't have much to offer beyond gender identity. Space Bandits would have worked just as well if the lead characters were men and I respect the thoughtful nature of the series.

This issue wraps up the opening story arc and puts a bow on the series. The girls execute their largest heist yet along with Viggo. The situation goes about as well as can be expected as they are betrayed and have to figure a way out of the mess they have found themselves in. I'm still not entirely sold on the 80's influence in the background. The motifs and color palette are spot on but it never impacts the story. I believe the look of the comic will transition better once it hits streaming especially when the soundtrack comes into play.

The art direction remains one of the strongest aspects of the comic. Most artists don't get much to do and the trend is to provide little action and endless exposition. Space Bandits has exposition but it's generally used to set up the next action set piece or gag. There is also a ton of variety in color, locales, and alien species. This makes Space Bandit's one of the most visually interesting books on the shelves.

The book ends exactly the way I expected which isn't really a complaint. If the ending went in a wildly different direction to subvert expectations it would have thrown the series out of wack thematically.

There is bait for a sequel although I don't believe the series needs one. If a sequel does happen I will support it as Space Bandits has exceeded all expectations.

Rating 9.5/10

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